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Perfection is not a necessity.
Sometimes the right moment is when you are not ready.
Urgency is the necessity.

Yes! to diversity in performance.
Every work is worth to be shown.
We are not here to judge.

We want to be inspired by the artist's experiments to experiment ourselves.
Confronting our fears of failing offers us the possibility to grow as humans and artists.

Nothing is irrelevant.
Little is also important.
We do not want to stagnate.

Raw Matters was founded 2010 with the aim to offer dance and performance artists a possibility to share their new ideas and their works in process in front of an audience. We offer a frame that encourages both the audience to be supportive and appreciative of the creative process and the artists to make and present their work. From 2015 to 2023 Raw Matters was part of the organization Arbeitsplatz Wien. Since 2024 we have our working space that includes a rehearsal space for participating artists in the 3rd district.


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