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May Tender Steps Residency: 30.4. - 20.5.2018 performances on Monday 21.5.2018.

June Tender Steps Residency: 28.5. - 17.6.2018 performances on Monday 18.6.2018.

The Tender Steps Residency includes:

→ 3 weeks rehearsal space in the small studio at Arbeitsplatz for 4 different artists/ groups (approx. 15-20hours per week)
→3 feedback meetings that will be led by artists from the Viennese dance and performance scene on Saturdays (MAY: 5., 12., 19.5. from 11 – 17h/ JUNI: 2., 9., 16.6 from 11 – 17h)
→ Performance possibility through Raw Matters – Tender Steps evening on 21.5.2018 or 18.6.2018
→ A small financial contribution (160 Euros)

We are looking for artists/ groups interested in exploring this new format with us and that want to start a new project.

Criteria for application and selection:
→ artists developing a completely new idea will be given preference over those already in the middle of a process
→ Availability at the first meeting on MAY: Monday, 30.4./ JUNE: Monday, 28.5.
→ Availability and participation at all feedback meetings
→ motivation to be in an artistic exchange with the other participating artists Proposals should be attached as a WORD or PDF Document and must include the following information
-> Name, address, mobile number of contact person. PLEASE, ONLY ONE PERSON PER GROUP
-> Description of planned work, of the idea (max. 1 A4 paper!)
-> Information about participating artists

Deadline is 17. March 2018
send your proposals to office@rawmatters.at



Who can apply?
Artists looking to share their research or experiments in the field of dance and performance.

What can be submitted?
Experiments in live-performance or film, no longer than 20 minutes, requiring very little technical support. Finished works will not be considered.Submission guidelines: send a maximum of 2 A4 pages (word or pdf), including a short description of your idea, approximate length and desired date as well as a short CV of all participating artists. Please, do not forget to include a telephone number of the contact person.

What else should be considered?
On FRIDAY before each Raw Matters evening we hold a meeting with all artists to clarify details. At this meeting all artists show what they have been working on, after which we plan the running order of the performance evening and the rehearsals. This meeting is mandatory for all Viennese based artists and is a requirement for participation at Raw Matters.
The performance space is the stage at the cinema Schikaneder (4,5 x 3,5).

Raw Matters is a non-profit organization that functions as a platform for curious artists.Raw Matters pays a small fee of 160Euros towards expenses.

Applications are accepted at office(a)rawmatters.at



We have decided to continue with our format Raw Matters - Large and Long in December at the studios of Arbeitsplatz Wien (Siegfriedgasse 23, Tor 1, 1210 Wien), giving more space and time to artists whose experiments might not fit on the stage of Schikaneder.
For this evening, on Wednesday, December 13th 2017, we are looking for a variety of performances and durational installations that require a larger stage and/or more time.

The format:

Raw Matters - Large and Long will take place in the whole space of Arbeitsplatz where the audience will be free to choose which performances and installations it wants to watch. Stage pieces will take place in the large studio (9m x 14m)As usual there will be the possibility to exchange and develop ideas with the audience and other artists while enjoying food and drinks.

Terms and Conditions:

Raw Matters prioritizes experiments and unfinished work.

Stage pieces:
Necessity of a large space should be apparent in the application
few technical requirements

installations/durational performances:
maximum 4 hours long
few technical requirements or the possibility of providing own technical support
no claim for undivided audience attention

All artists will be given 160 Euros as a contribution towards expenses.
One week before the evening, and after prior agreement of time, artists can use the studios at Arbeitsplatz to rehearse.

Meeting and viewing of space: December 4th 2017, 5 p.m.

Proposals can be sent to office@rawmatters.at and should include:
• In the subject line: Raw Matters – Large and Long
• A short proposal (max. 1 A4 page) and a short C.V.
• Contact information: (name, email, telephone number.)

DEADLINE October 30th, 2017



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