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Raw Matters is a non-profit organization that functions as a platform for artists wishing to try out new ideas.

Next evening: 13. December 2021

Who can apply?
Artists looking to share their research or experiments in the field of dance and performance.

What can be submitted?
Experiments in live-performance or film, no longer than 20 minutes, requiring very little technical support. Finished works will not be considered.

Financial Support
Raw Matters can not pay a fee but can pay a small contribution towards
expenses, which is dependent on the group size (1 person - 160 EURO, 2 people - 240 EURO, 3 people and more - 300 EURO).

The following conditions apply:
- All artists need to be actively performing on stage at the performance evening
- The amount is based on an equal collaboration between performance artists, choreographers/directors, live- sound/video designers.
- We cannot consider technicians, costume designers, production support or any other people that are not actively performing in the project (exception: director, choreographer..)
- We reserve the right not to pay a higher fee, if the collaboration for the participation at Raw Matters is not clear.

What else should be considered?
One week before the Raw Matters evening (Monday) we hold a meeting at Arbeitsplatz Wien (Siegfriedgasse 23, 1210 Wien) with all artists to clarify details. At this meeting all artists show what they have been working on, after which we plan the running order of the performance evening and the rehearsals. This meeting is mandatory for all Viennese based artists and is a requirement for participation at Raw Matters.

Raw Matters does not tolerate works that are racist, misogynist, homophobe in nature and we reserve the right to refuse the presentation of such works.

Submission guidelines
Send a maximum of 2 A4 pages (word or pdf), including a short description of your idea, approximate length and desired date as well as a short CV of all participating artists. Please, do not forget to include a telephone number of the contact person.

Deadline für application
1. November 2021

Applications via email only.