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Open Call // Feedback Faciliator Exchange Day

Date & Time
Fr. January 13th  2023
10 - 17 h
Arbeitsplatz Wien
Siegfriedgasse 23/ Tor 1, 1210 Wien

Compensation Each selected artist receives a financial contribution of 160 Euros.

Our motivation to organize this exchange day is embedded in our wish to reflect on what artists and artistic processes in the realm of performative practice need and how different types of resonance and structural ideas can both support artworks in development but also support a community of care and exchange culture. We aim to exchange and develop ideas that can be both applied in the setting of Raw Matters and in the Viennese scene at large. 

The day is structured as a peer-exchange day where we look at models or dilemmas in relation to feedback, artistic resonance, group-coaching and the role of the facilitator. 

The frame for exchange is prepared by Charlotta Ruth (facilitator with Raw Matters since 2018) and will be organized around what needs, practices and/or thought experiments the participants bring in for the group to test and reflect upon. 

Who do we wish to address and make curious with this call? 

Maybe you have already modest or extensive experience in moderating feedback and want to exchange your thoughts, maybe you have experience in receiving feedback which has given you ideas on how it can be developed, maybe you are trained in other practices that you think can be relevant for the performative arts to embed? There is no age limit and we encourage people that work with performative practice coming from diverse media and different contexts to apply.

As part of the application form, please formulate us a short statement of motivation (2500-5000 signs) that can include: 

- Your curiosity in facilitation and possible needs for exchange in a peer-group 

- Ideas and/or material you are interested in sharing and reflecting upon

- Thoughts in relation to feedback and artistic resonance more in general.

Please, also include a biography (max 1000 signs) that specially emphasizes your experience in relation to facilitation and curiosity in the artistic process of others. 


The selection will be made by Raw Matters (Nanina Kotlowski and Deborah Hazler) and Charlotta Ruth. 

Deadline for applications
Notification by 22.12.22

For any questions or concerns you can reach us via email.

Charlotta Ruth works with a choreographic site- and context specific approach ranging between gallery, public space, academic settings, play/game-design, video and online-explorations. An occurring investigation in her work is formats for collaboration, at different degrees inviting others to hold, mold and care for situations together. Her current research focuses on the facilitator role in participatory art (WITHDRAWING THE PERFORMER co-led with Jasmin Schaitl) and archival practice of socially engaged art (ARCHIVES IN PRACTICE co-led with Performatorium/Olivia Jaques & Marlies Surtmann). She also works as a dancer/performer at DER BETRIEB (Anna Nowak and Alexander Gottfarb) and lectures internationally. Ruth is educated at the Royal Swedish Ballet school, holds an MFA in choreography from DOCH/Stockholm University of the Arts and a PhD in artistic research from the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Ruth is also educated in pedagogy, didactics, mentoring, and supervision. She regularly coaches and supervises students and has worked as a mentor in the frame of Raw Matters since 2018.